Amelery Pearl Necklace Silver White Simulated Single Pendant Pearl 9-10mm 925 Solid Sterling Silver Singapore Chain 18” Necklaces for Women

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Product Description

Sterling Silver Jewelry

There are ome issues involving Sterling Silver Jewelry

One issue is and has always been tarnishing. As an issue, oxidation has been at the forefront to people’s resistance to buy and wear Sterling Silver Jewelry. Silver tarnishes. Some companies for years plated their silver with Nickel which is beautiful, shiny and does not tarnish. But recently it has come to light that people are many times allergic to this metal. So lately Rhodium from the platinum family of metals was used. There are other coatings which to a greater or lesser extent slow or try to stop the tarnishing process.


Pearly White

However, all the methods have downsides to them. Most notably is the fact that if Silver is plated with a super thin coat of another metal or e-coating or any sort of anti-tarnish agent, its plating starts to erode and come off over time and the result is far worse than simple tarnishing and can ruin the Silver Jewelry altogether.

We opted for a far different approach. We do not plate ANY of our Jewelry with any sort of anti-tarnish coating. Instead we supply (with every order) a simple homemade how-to guide on how to get rid of not only future tarnish on your Silver Jewelry, but this works on ALL Silver – Jewelry Flatware – all of it and it is done with simple household ingredients you most likely already have at your house.

Solid Sterling silver necklace chain size:18”,Fits any occasions ,Fashion,Stunning Charming looking and comfortable to wear.
Inspired by the popular elements from Paris Fashion Week, our designer launched a brand new edition of the collection “Pearls of the Simple”.
Protruding collarbone and a long, elegant neck were also the focus of secondary erogenous zones
Give your loved one the best gift.Avoid wearing necklaces while you are taking shower and sporting.


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