How to touch up your roots at home: A helpful, expert-approved guide.

Jaye’s advice is to spend time mixing your colour thoroughly so you get a great consistency that’s easier to apply.Step 3: Let’s start applying the dye.The following instructions only apply to dyeing your roots to cover regrowth or greys, or doing a root shadow (a technique you would’ve seen all over Instagram that uses a darker shade on the roots). We’re not doing highlights or balayage or a full head of blonde foils here. Jaye adds, “You only need to do what you can see. Keep it simple.”First, part your hair as you normally would. Then, dip your painting brush into the dye and paint the colour onto the roots.”If you’re covering greys, it’s important not to overlap onto your coloured hair. If you’re doing a root shadow, you need to paint past where your regrowth line is,”  Jaye says.”I would really advise, if you’ve got someone at home with you, to get them to help you do this. If you’re doing this yourself, make sure you’re in front of the mirror. I wouldn’t worry too much about the back of your hair… you can follow your part line and paint down to around your crown (the bit where your hair spirals out from) so when your hair is down, it’s all covered.” Part your hair and start painting your roots. Supplied/EdwardsAndCo.Step 4: More painting.”Next, use the pointy end of the brush or a comb to section a half-centimetre section of hair on one side of your part. Flip it over, then apply dye to the underside of those roots. Paint both sides, this will make sure if you are covering greys, you get a good, even saturation of dye,” Jaye says.Continue sectioning, flipping and painting until you’ve covered the regrowth you can see – generally, you don’t want to go further than an inch-and-a-half from your part line.


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