“I’m anxious at the thought of no human contact”: 17 women on what it’s like self-isolating solo.

PollyI’m currently single and live alone in my apartment. As an introvert, I’ve always been very content with that set up – I recharge/rest alone throughout the week, then I make social plans for the weekend which I always really look forward to. Now those interactions are no longer an option, I feel less happy about my living situation. In the past two weeks, I’ve only had face-to-face chats with coffee shop staff and my trainer who I am meeting in the park for exercise at a safe distance. I now find myself savouring those interactions and wondering, when am I actually going to see and hug my friends and family again?LucindaI have a lot of mixed feelings about this. I live alone, but am pretty extroverted so I usually don’t actually spend a lot of time at home. I spend three days a week at basketball, regularly bushwalk with my local club on weekends, I’m on a couple of boards/committees and spend a lot of time with friends and family. Now, the only “activity” I have is work, and soon I will probably be working from home. I’m not sure how I’ll handle it.The thing I think I’ll miss the most is physical contact. I usually get hugs from family, friends, my niece, and the kids I coach at basketball. I could go months without that now…The government keeps referring to “households” and “families”, and completely ignores that a lot of us live alone.DeborahI live alone with my dog and have done for some time. I’m in New Zealand and we started official lockdown midnight Wednesday for some four weeks. We’re supposed to ‘stay in our bubble’ but can form a bubble with another person on their own – except I don’t know anyone else on their own so it’ll just be me. I’m naturally introverted so value my own space. I spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephews and my parents on weekends so I’m going to miss them a lot!I’m anxious at the prospect of no human contact and how I’m going to feel in a few weeks… Everyone seems to think [this] solo situation is ideal, perhaps without really thinking it through.LucyI live alone with my two dogs on my family’s farm and I also work on the farm. I see myself as an introvert so I don’t mind the isolation. I still get to run outside most days and shop for groceries once a week. My parents live just five kilometres away who I see often and I see my brother most days (who also works in the farm) whilst maintaining our social distance.LauraI’m an introvert, and love living alone – but there’s a difference between being alone, and being lonely. This scenario is making me feel lonely, more so because I’d love to share the experience with someone! My family live interstate so I am used to not seeing them, but I have a severely ill and compromised brother so it makes me slightly anxious not being about to see them easily if I needed to.


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