r/loseit – having an awfully shitty week, but starting to feel like i’m making progress (330 -> 220)

i’ve been fat all my life, and it basically came to a head in my
early 20s when i finally had the balls to step on a scale and i
realized i was 330 lbs. this wasn’t actually even the heaviest i
think i’ve ever been, but it was the first time i actually thought
“okay, this is bad news, jump on the scale man”
so for the past couple years i have mostly just been doing a
lazy man’s CICO – not a whole lot of effort, just literally eating
less food, cuz who needs to order 2 jimmy john’s sandwiches at a
time? jesus. i started plateauing around 240-250 which seemed sorta
crazy, so i started doing keto and really really keeping track of
macros, micronutrients, calories, etc. 3 months has made a pretty
huge difference, tbqh.
i also started lifting around 1.5 months ago, and the difference
is sort of crazy already, if you aren’t lifting during your weight
loss you are insaaaaaaane, just saying. i’m not sure what i would
really consider my fighting weight just yet (i am a very wide,
broad-shouldered dude), so i don’t really have a goal… just gonna
keep going down until it seems right, ya know?
love y’all, keep workin hard
mystery weight, but
probably around 330
same thing, but i’m
pretty sure this is one of the more embarrassing photos of me that
after (aka 5 minutes ago):
classic bathroom
weird 45 degree angle
classic bathroom selfie

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