Serena Williams’s $4 Night Masking Routine

Celebrities are well known to have the most expensive nighttime beauty regimens. Some examples, Gwyneth Paltrow’s nighttime routine, costs about $600. Also, Emily Ratajkowski drops $800. Besides, Liv Tyler’s tops $1,000.So, why not? If you can tolerate the expense and you love skincare. Spend your money as you wish on products that help you feel and look the way you desire, right? But from time to time, a fam person finds a terrific product or so at a much lower price. For example, Serena Williams. The tennis beacon and entrepreneur posted to her Instagram account Stories to share what she calls her “nightly beauty routine,” which consisted of creams and serums, consists of spot-treating masks.”Every night, I try to do different covers. But Tonight, I’m doing this chin lift ‘because I need to lift stretch this skin,” she says, taking a selfie with her phone’s front-facing camera. The white, stretchy material cradles her chin and is fastened to her ear holes. “And then I have my gold undereye lift mask. Well, they aren’t some exceptional high-end masks from an exclusive dermatologist.

“I get them all from Amazon,” she confesses. “So it’s exciting. I love it.”From the appearance, it, Williams’s gold forehead and under-eye patches are the Matykos 24K Gold Collagen. Patches Under Eye & Forehead, a box of which comes with ten sets of pieces for fifteen Dollars. Even though there are tons of chin-lifting masks on Amazon, it seems to be the CliniqPro V-Line Face and Chin Lifting Mask, which gets you five covers for $13.

All in all, comes to a very budget-friendly $4 a night if you multitask nightly as she does.Instagram/Serena Williams is well aware that it may look a little funny, noting that she can barely move her lips. But she’s more than happy to do it. “So, hey, this is the price you pay when you keep aging,” she says, concluding with, “Aging is a gift. It’s a gift.”More on Serena Williams: Now check out 100 years of face masks: Follow Ritta on Instagram and Twitter, or Shop our Amazon Store and figure out a way where you can beat the four dollars Mask!


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