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Our visit was partly funded in return for this article and I have been paid for my work with them. All opinions however are my own and those of my family following our visit to The Horn in Hand.

Whilst we had never been to The Horn in Hand, we love eating out as a family, doesn’t everyone? Whilst I am vegetarian I do like vegan food options. I would love to be vegan but always think I would struggle to manage eating out. When I was invited to visit The Horn in Hand and review their vegan range I was excited and couldn’t wait.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – Inside showing stairs and tables

I had a brief look at the menu online but I prefer not to have too much of an idea before I visit somewhere so my review is fair and natural. To review I went with my mum who is also vegetarian, my stepdad, Stuart and Ben who are all meat eaters! I share a variety of pictures of our meals throughout this review.

First impressions

We booked a table for a Friday evening at 6pm. The Horn in Hand is in a student area very close to the university and primarily aimed at students. That said, we did not feel at all out of place and were very welcomed. We were also informed the students did not start back from their Christmas break until the Monday after our visit so it was a little quieter than usual.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – mexican burger with sweet potato friesWe arrived to find the pub quite small and friendly looking. There were a number of tables filled with students but it was not too noisy and had a very relaxed atmosphere. On one table a group of students were playing the card game Uno.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – Chicken tower burger with sloppy joe friesThe menu

Take a look at the menu for The Horn in Hand on their website and you will be amazed. Such a varied menu with an unbelievable choice for vegans and vegetarians.

With around 17 menu items that are vegan and a couple of others which are vegetarian. By menu items I don’t just mean salad or chips I mean actual proper meals. Unusual meals too so something really nice and vegan. Honestly if you are vegetarian or vegan you will love the choice. For a change you will be totally spoilt for choice.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – BBQ pulled jackfruit kebabFor example the vegan options include Roasted red pepper and onion macaroni bake. Topped with smoky soya and Violife grated mature and served with a dressed quinoa, chickpea, butternut squash & soya bean mixed side salad.

Another choice is Smoky soya fries, Skinny fries topped with smoky soya sloppy joe, Violife grated mature, BBQ sauce and spring onion.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – roasted red pepper and onion macaroni bakeIf you prefer a burger then they offer the Moving Mountains burger, not just served with chips and plain salad of course. It is fun and layered with red pepper houmous, spinach, smoky soya and Violife grated mature – accompanied with either topped nachos or skinny fries.

So as you can see from these few examples there is amazing choice for vegans. There is a good mixture of other foods too so if you are dining with an avid meat eater who won’t try anything new then don’t worry they will be fine here too.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – table saucesAllergy awareness

As I may have mentioned before Ben has some severe allergies. After suffering an anaphylactic shock in 2018 we carry adrenaline auto injectors for him (Epi-Pens). He is undergoing testing regularly to try and ascertain which specific items the allergies are too and which are most severe.

At the moment we believe him to have potential allergies to nuts and sesame and a severe allergy to cinnamon. When I was recently sent a bunch of flowers which had cinnamon sticks in for Christmas decoration. It really affected Ben despite him not actually even eating the cinnamon so we have to be very careful with this.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – deep fried mars bar in doughnut batter with vanilla icecreamLegally restaurants and food manufacturers have to list if their foods contain any of the 14 main allergens. Unfortunately cinnamon is not one of these 14 main allergens which when eating out can be awkward. We have to ask staff to check ingredients of foods for Ben.

We were extremely impressed by the staff at The Horn in Hand and their attention to detail with Ben’s allergies. They ensured all the food was cooked separately and did not have anything that could make Ben unwell.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – Peanut butter oreo waffle stackThe drinks

The variety of drinks available was lovely including cocktails, low alcohol beers and ciders, wines and unique ciders and real ale. I tried some Mango cider on draft which was lovely.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – chocolate fudge cakeThe food

As described above the variety of food available was amazing. The main courses we had were Chicken tower burger, mexican burger (not on the menu as was the burger of the month), Roasted red pepper and onion macaroni bake, and BBQ pulled jackfruit kebab.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. They all arrived well presented and the sauces available for our meals were great too. Everything arrived hot, flavoursome and as described.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – vegan chocolate torteThe facilities at The Horn in Hand

Ben was amazed that The Horn in Hand had some retro games consoles for guests to use. Definitely a feature that is unique and a great addition to an already great venue.

There is an outside area however as it was evening and none of us smoke we did not go out to see it. Judging by the number of people we saw using the area it is a good size.

Other facilities I noticed were that they have big screens to show live sports including a large projector and a jukebox.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – large table for groupsThe service and staff at The Horn in Hand

From our arrival at 6pm until when we left at around 8.30pm we received amazing service and felt very welcomed. Whilst it is very much a student pub in many ways we did not feel at all out of place.

We were mostly served by manager Chris and another team member Charlotte. Isaac on the bar also served us on one occasion. All were polite and friendly and very knowledgeable when it came to allergies and what they serve.

The food was amazing so I do have to also credit the chef Ash in the kitchen who obviously did a great job too. Of course we didn’t meet him though.

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham – menuOverall thoughts

We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit and would definitely go again. It is very central to Nottingham and between the tram stop for Nottingham Trent university and The Royal Centre. Perfect for eating out before the theatre.

If you are looking for somewhere to go for a tasty good quality meal in Nottingham that is a bit more adventurous and fun than the choices you get everywhere else then this is your place. Don’t let the fact it is a student pub put you off, you will love it and the food is second to none. Check out the menu here.

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