When a photo of their shoe design broke the internet, these 2 mums’ lives changed overnight.

The two women had sold their shoes at the occasional markets and built their website but nothing large scale. Gem shared that they were probably doing around 10 orders a week.And then one night they decided to run a competition on Facebook. The photo they planned on posting for it was of one of their Spanish shoes, with leopard and orange detailing.Thinking nothing of it, the two shared the photo. And then the likes started rolling in…“One evening, we went viral,” Gem shared.“We had about 3000 followers on Facebook and one night I thought I’d put a picture of our leopard print Palmairas with an orange backstrap and I’ll say like and share to win a pair. We started getting 10 likes and I thought, wow okay this is getting traction. Getting 10 likes was a lot back then.“And then it started getting traction. It went to 100 likes, to 500 likes to 1000 likes and it just kept going.”LISTEN: Gem and Jenn chat with Mia Freedman about their business. Post continues after audio…The shoe itself


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